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Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority achieved Alarm Rationalization using X-Force AIMS

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Industry: Power and Utilities

Product: X-Force Alarm & Information Management System


Minimized time, effort and risk by identifying the actual generations of alarms and taking immediate corrective action. Achieved the alarm rationalization within short duration of installation.

After the installation of X-Force AIMS, continuous improvement to comply with international standards became simple and quick.

Operators are now focused on most critical alarms instead of unimportant or less priority alarms which in turn enabled the Al Layyah to improve the plant's overall productivity.


  • Monitor the health and performance of critical alarm tags of Unit#5, Unit#6, Unit#7 and Unit#8.

  • Centralize alarms view and reporting facility for different make of DCS.

  • Reduction of alarms generation at Al-Layyah power plant to achieve plant up-time

  • To achieve alarms rationalization as per EEMUA 191 and ANSI/ISA–18.2–2009.

  • To identify root cause of any plant up-set condition. Easy analysis of sequence of events at single place.


  • Approximately 5000+ alarms are produced daily by Unit#5, Unit#6, Unit#7 and Unit#8 DCS but there is no tool to authenticate and prioritize the alarms for better operation.

  • Unable to determine the root cause of abnormal conditions in plants due to the lack of analytical tools.

  • Due to the absence of centralized control for all Unit’s Alarms record, operators struggled to provide timely response and identify any first out occurrences.

  • No alarm deviation detection device to implement the EEMUA or ANSI / ISA 18.2 global standards (As per the standards, alarm counts should be less than 144)


  • X-Force AIMS to capture alarms and events from Emerson and Yokogawa DCS Source to centralized station.

  • Each Alarm Analysis Client Machine installed with a Viewer and Analysis tool to capture and consolidate data from unit 5/6 and unit 7/8 plant sites to get the exact count of alarms (per hour/per day/per shift).

  • Advanced Reporting tool and KPI Dashboard for accurate visualization of alarm rate with weekly/ monthly reports to demonstrate the root cause of every alarm.

  • X-Force AIMS compliance with EEMUA 191 or ANSI/ISA – 18 global standards.

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