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Success Story: MRF optimizes energy across plants by X-Force Utility Information System

Updated: May 5, 2021

Industry: Tyres Rubber Product

Plant Location: Gujarat, Goa, Kerala, Telangana, Tamil Nadu


  • Large and complex utilities system

  • Absence of monitoring platform with proven SAP solutions to capture utility data from various plant locations

  • Inability to log all energy or flow tags with high accuracy


  • X-Force Utility Information System is deployed with easy-to-understand dashboards to continually populate it with live, validated data

  • Seamless Integration with Siemens and Allen Bradley PLC for centralized data consolidation and imbalances diagnosis to eliminate waste

  • Historian with 12000 tag capacity for all MRF plant locations to store up to millions of data points at per second frequencies


  • X-Force UIS enabled MRF to make data-driven decisions to manage and reduce energy consumptions and costs year by year

  • SSM InfoTech solutions significantly increased plant’s energy efficiency by leveraging compliance with global standards

  • Strong incorporation of sustainability into day-to-day operations

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