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Eliminate Alarm Floods without Risk

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X-Force is the Brand Name for the Software solution range developed by SSM InfoTech. The main aim of X-Force is to digitize the ongoing manual processes, reduce paper works and help industry take a step forward for Industry 4.0. With flexible X-Force development environment we fulfills the need of our industrial clients with personalized solution development and Easy interface to use the solution with self-selected options of accessibility.

Alarm Information Management System

X-Force AIMS is a stand-alone designed product towards alarms and information management system with DCS integrated system that effectively focuses on tools for the plant operation. Major consultants like EIL, TCE, Toyo, Jacobs etc. suggests X-AIMS.

Historian System

X-Force Historian System is a high-performance time series data historian based on latest MSSQL core scalable up to 1lacs tags with performance of 30k samples/second. XHS provides centralized data collection from various sources and provides process screens, trends and analytic dashboard and reporting.

Energy Management System

X-Force Energy management system is a part of Utility Information System (UIS) which mainly focuses on major power systems like power, gas, steam and water. These major power systems are monitored by EMS. EMS is used in industries where large amount of electricity is used. It provides centralized monitoring system that leads to savings in the overall cost.

Calibration Management System

X-Force Calibration Management System is record management system software that works with ISO or NABL recommended calibration system management. It is a digitalize record keeper. The Calibration software helps to improve conduction and proper calibration management

Reporting System

X-Force Reporting System is a comprehensive reporting system designed to provide automation to your manual process of reporting. It has the ability to fetch the data from multiple sources like OPC, Historians, Databases, Control systems, multiple servers etc.

Documentation Node

X-Force Documentation Node is a web based document management system (DMS) used to track, manage and store documents and reduce storing paper work. It is capable of keeping a record of the various versions of all documents created and modified by different users.


X-Force DoW is been developed for monitoring the data logging activity. The main purpose of this system is to provide customized solution for traceability of each instrument and logged data. It is a digitize version of plants physical data logbook

Avaibiltiy Based Tariff

X-Force Availability Based Tariff is a frequency based pricing mechanism for unscheduled electric power transactions. The ABT falls under electricity market mechanism to charge and regulate power.

Data Monitoring and Analysis

X-Force DMA system is appropriately applicable to Industries, manufacturing plants, distribution lines or any situation where field parameters needs to capture. The system provides centralized monitoring and diagnosis.


X-Studio provides the self-service access to analytical intelligence that helps to make performance improvements across the organisation.

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