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We put the Cloud, IoT, AI, and virtual reality to work for you in powerful ways. We carefully analyze how the latest innovations can be included in your business without disruption and deliver seamless solutions that enhance your entire asset and operations lifecycle. Our end-to-end industrial portfolio helps you to target business value without sacrificing opportunities.


The World’s most advanced and award wining HMI visualization software empowers you to optimize operations.

AVEVA System Platform

Create a common platform for SCADA, MES, and IIOT that spans your entire enterprise


Get advanced visualization on everything from edge to enterprise with flexible HMI/SCADA software.

Batch Management

Reduce costs, safeguard quality and enforce compliance with digital manufacturing execution, inventory, quality, batch and recipe management.

Recipe Management

Increase operational efficiency and enforce product quality while managing more product variation.

AVEVA Historian

Unlock the operational potential of any facility, single-node pr multi-site by capturing and sorting high-fidelity data.

AVEVA WorkTask (Workflow Management)

Empower your people work together better with AVEVA's digital workflow management. Free up productivity and enhance collaboration across silos and between system.

Dream Report

Produce Comprehensive, insightful reports with easy-to-use tools.

AVEVA Intelligence

Translate industrial data into valuable insights that can help you streamline your operations.

Mobile Operator Rounds (IntelaTrac)

Industrial strength, task and workflow management for operators in the field.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Digital operations and information management for both efficiency and transparency.

Enterprise Data Management (EDNA)

Collect, store, analyze and report on operational and asset information with our real-time data management solution.

AVEVA Insight

Empower User with a secure, managed cloud solution for collecting, storing and visualizing process and performance data

AVEVA Discrete Lean Management

Improve your discrete manufacturing productivity, flexibility, reliability and cost competitiveness

Line Performance

Improve equipment uptime, increase line throughput and improve quality.

AVEVA Predictive Analytics

Machine learning and artificial intelligence can catch asset failure before it occurs.

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