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Gift City - Case Study

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Gift City is India's first Greenfield smart city and global financial services hub It established under the scheme of a Special Economic Zone. They offer several benefits such as tax,duty-free imports, and simplified regulations that help in smooth operation of the business. Gift City provides a wide range of services, including banking, insurance, capital markets, fintech innovation, and alot more. It also gives other global financial centers like Dubai,London and Singapore a competitive edge. The Major objective of Gift City is to create the financial hub that attracts investment, creates employment opportunities through the expansion of companies, and contributes to the growth of the Indian economy.


Solution Summary - 

  1. Consolidate all plant SCADA systems, which will provide the data information to the CCCC (City Command and Control Center) to achieve advanced city functionalities.  

  2. Monitoring the real-time data and capability to historize all the data that will provide data accessibility from anywhere to stakeholders.

  3. CCCC (City Command and Control Center) is accessible by operators with the necessary authentication credentials. It assists in sharing whole information through a dashboard with the key stakeholders.

  4. The prominent feature of the CCCC (City Command and Control Center) is SOP/ Workflow that integrates with different systems to track real-time work and can send notifications for pending actions.




  • Troublesome to consolidate all data and provide accurate information at the appropriate time.

  • Difficult to monitor and control due to the critical infrastructure.

  • Sharing Information & actionable collaboration between stakeholders.

  • Monitoring the critical infrastructure of sewage, the water treatment plan, and the district cooling system. Detecting potential threats and making informed decisions are also challenging.

  • Tracking the work of each employee and providing training that leads to poor accountability and collaboration among team members  


Major Deliverables and Solutions


  • SOP and Workflow: Whole operations have real-time tracking of the work and send notifications wherever needed. It assists in the training of the employees, achieving goals, and enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Real-time data and reporting: It fosters real-time data and a proper, insightful, actionable report that assists in faster decision-making in critical situations.

  • Dashboard and KPI Monitoring: Monitoring the whole operations at a single location. It shows the detailed architecture and design of the utility system, which assists in providing awareness of the situation to the relevant stakeholders.

  • Geo Mapping: Whole data depicted in a geographical visual form that helps planners at each step, from project conceptualization to site analysis.

  • Graphic Visualization: The whole architecture as well as the utility designs in the graphical representation form will make it easier to monitor and visualize the whole operation.

  • Historian: The CCCC (City Command and Control Center) has a unique feature to store historical data that helps in data analysis that will create the management of transportation, investment in required critical areas, and a major contribution to driving the sustainable growth of the city.

  • Mobile friendly: It allows seamless communication with key stakeholders and effortless sharing of Information on mobile devices.




  • It eliminates individual system monitoring, saving precious time and management resources. Now, all systems can be monitored and managed from a single location through centralized monitoring. Providing situational awareness to key stakeholders and ensuring seamless operations across the entire Gift City ecosystem

  • Foster real-time data with the reporting and analytics dashboards that provide actionable insight that assists in incident management and leads to faster decisions.

  • Graphical representation simplifies the representation of the whole complicated data in visual form in one place. This makes it easier to analyze the data, do future business forecasting, and collaborate with all key stakeholders.

  • Monitoring the water systems by using the ICT platforms will detect the problem and reduce waste and efficient use of water. Remote pump operations save time and ensure a less human interface. Check the quality and PH of the water, which helps in achieving the long-term objectives of Gift City to get portable water and green city objectives.

  • With the tracking of electrical infrastructure, users receive SMS, resolve complaints faster, and monitor their HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) even with mobile devices to operate such functions as turning on and off the heat and cooling system. It doesn't require moving from office to office to check the temperature, as it's done remotely from the city command and control center.

SSM Infotech has collaborated with AVEVA to assist in the transformation of Gift City into a smart city through advanced IOT platforms. Our services significantly appreciated through our clients. We began with a few members from a single location and have since grown into a robust team of 270+ members, now working worldwide across the region. We are continuing to expand our reach towards global partners and clients.

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Raj Patel
Raj Patel
Feb 21

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