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X-Force X-information

Availability Based Tariff

X-Force Availability Base Tariff provides a platform to capture real-time Power generation data, to show its block wise calculations, to represent generation schedules data and to monitor earning with separate calculations as per the required format of power Generation Company. ABT concerns itself with the tariff structure for bulk power and is aimed at bringing about more responsibility and accountability in power generation and consumption through a scheme of incentives and disincentives.

Benefits of XABT

  • Software that is comprehensive to do calculations, address regulatory issues and modifications as per different Regulatory Commission requirements.

  • X-Force ABT brings about enhanced grid discipline and economically viable power with right pricing.

  • Software helps you to addressing specific grid disturbance issues with help of customized report facility.

  • Interface options to various stakeholders in the ABT mechanism online to enable effective implementation and benefits to all Capability of power producers to be able to control their cost of production as well as flexibility in operations.

ABT Screen1.png
ABT Screen.png

Perfect Solution for Power Generating Entities to get the most out of Availability Based Tariff


Advanced Analysis

Block to Block analysis screens for your power generation data analytics.


Supports Any Protocol

Connects with Modbus, IEC, Ethernet or OPCs.


Easy Configuration

Configuration of fuels data, combine cycle, fuel cost with applicable date & time.


Inbuilt intelligent calculation module

Calculation of Heat Rate, forecast of cut off frequencies and target generation.

Data visualisation

Displays all required ABT parameters in real-time at Control Room i.e. “Ex-bus generation”, “Net gain” and break-ups of generation on Gas/Liquid fuels.

Alarming for critical parameters

Generates audio/visual alarms for operator for critical situation


Integration with other system

OPC-DA server for integration with other systems like Historia or SCADA.


Excellent trending application

Specially designed trend application for Forecast graph and scatter graph

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X-Force ABT

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