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X-Force Alarm Information Management System

X-Force Alarm Information Management System integrates effectively with modern control systems to help industries monitor alarm floods, standing alarms, nuisance alarms as a single platform.

In 2002, SSM InfoTech deployed the first Indian-make alarm information management system (X-Force AIMS) at Reliance Industries, and now has more than 500 installations worldwide used by major industries and PSUs from different segments. X-Force AIMS consists of comprehensive modules to meet all the alarm, report capturing and analysis requirements with a specialized KPI dashboard, compliant with international standards, to help end-users address the most common alarm management issues and achieve Alarm Rationalization. 


X-Force AIMS helps plant users and operators to gain an in-depth understanding of where the critical, moderate, and low priority alarms are and their impact on the overall economic efficiency and physical safety. Operators can use this information to maximize the productivity, profitability, and uptime of the plant.


Easy to Integrate

Integrates with any make of DCS/PLC/SCADA/Other Sources. Supports all types of communication protocols such as Ethernet, serial, OPC-DA, OPC-AE, ODBC, File-based, or any proprietary communication.

Alarm Suppression and Shelving

Hides or temporarily disable the nuisance alarms that the operator feels is irrelevant or distracting thus enabling them to maintain focus on alarms that require attention.

Alarm Discrepancy Analysis

The change in the value of any master setpoint automatically generates a report on the deviations that occurred against the compliance.

Track Operator Actions

X-Force Alarm Information Management System allows users to track operator actions to improve their efficiency. It tracks every setpoint change or OA changes during the shift.

Most Critical Alarm Handling Module

Separates out the nuisance alarm from the most critical ones to give a wide overview of handling critical alarms at a priority.

Enterprise-wide Scalability

X-Force AIMS Integrates every aspect of industrial operations from multiple plants of an enterprise to a centralized location.

Reporting & Analytics

Identifies chattering and predictable alarms. 

Benchmarks alarm system performance against industry standards. 

50+ Analysis reports for Process and Non-Process plant activity for in-depth insights on plant condition.

Provides customized reports as per the user requirements. 

Generates 15 types of report modules as per EEMUA guidelines.


Unattended alarm notifications via Email Module & SMS (Text) Notification Module along with Emergency Hooter and PA system Connectivity Module.


KPI Dashboards as per industrial standards for overall plant process status along with Daily, Weekly, and Monthly analytics dashboard with faster and easy access to higher management like HOD, VC, etc.

Dynamic Alarming

Ensures system performance remains robust even during state transitions and process upsets. X-Force KPI Reporting module to identify precisely where advanced alarming techniques will yield the maximum number of investments.


X-Force AIMS

The All-in-one Solution For Alarm Management

Benefits of X-Force AIMS

  • Replace the alarm and log report printer with a computer-based system

  • Monitor your entire plant status from anywhere using mobile and web-based applications

  • Get overall plant KPI reports and top most bad actors alarm of the day

  • Schedule instantaneous notifications through SMS, Voice/SIP call, Email & Hooter/PA system

  • Improve operator competency, engagement, and situation awareness

  • Improve plant safety and reliability

  • Integrate alarm and process data for thorough incident reviews

  • Operator Guidance Message dashboard to help operator overcome the alarm situation 

  • Alarm Rationalisation as per Guidelines EEMUA 191, ANSI/ISA-18.2-2009, IEC 62682, EPRI.

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