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X-Force Calibration Management System

Every manufacturing plant has some sort of system in place for managing instrument calibration operations and data. Plant instrumentation devices such as temperature sensors, pressure transducers and weighing instruments – require regular calibration to ensure they are performing and measuring to specified tolerances. X-Force Calibration Management Software is one such tool that can be used to support and guide calibration management activities, with customized reporting system. Software that meets all your needs from scheduling to legacy history of internal and external calibration. Compliance with ISO and NABL standards.

Benefits of CMS

  • Calibration Software improves calibration management tasks such as Planning & Decision-Making, Organization, Execution, Documentation and Analysis

  • Cost reduction

  • Quality improvements

  • Increase in efficiency


Maintain & Monitor the Calibrations of Instruments with an ease


Multiple activities supported

Inhouse Calibration, external calibration, in field calibration, inspection with checklists, preventive maintenance activities.


Instrument Movement tracking

Instrument life cycle from procurement, storage, In/Out of service and discard, Laboratory Inward / Outward, External calibration inward / outward.



Multiple Plants, Multiple Laboratories, Multiple Sub Stores.


ERP Integration

two-way communication with existing ERP e.g. SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics.

Know More About

X-Force Calibration Management System

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X-Force Calibration Management System



AD integration & authentications, Enforced with digital signatures for approvals, Roles & user-based authentication.

Other Integration

Integration with barcode printer-scanner for process digitisation, Integration with X-Force e-Logbook for complete paperless system.

Inventory Management

Spare Instruments, consumables management, Instruments master etc.

Advanced Reporting

Numbers of analytical reports in any format with scheduling, auto mailing, reports on demand.


On mail, on SMS, PFC, through Modbus.

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