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X-Force Energy Management System

Utility Information System

X-Force Energy Management System consolidates energy related data (sources, costs, control and monitoring points) into a data warehouse, and provides a platform for tools to easily access the data and obtain actionable information. The EMS makes data-driven information available so that the end user is able to perform in-depth diagnostics, engineering analysis, and monitoring in a small fraction of the time it took with earlier methods. By publishing information for consumption outside the traditional facilities management area, an EMS supplies critical information to department heads, financial staff, and executive management as well. X-Force Energy Management System provides the centralized Power Monitoring and Control and it leads to savings in the overall cost by identifying the causes for loss / inefficient use of it.

Benefits of EMS

  • Embeds best-practice energy management in your day-to-day operations

  • Use data to better understand and make decisions concerning energy use and consumption

  • Reduces your energy costs

  • Helps you to comply with your energy-efficiency and emission-reduction obligations

  • Standardizes processes so that improvements are sustained over time

  • Reducing your energy use over the long term

  • Cutting your costs year on year

  • Measure the results of energy efficiency improvements

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Discovery the Efficiency of Plant by

Optimizing Energy Used


Purpose built SCADA Architecture

X-EMS provides Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition including alarm/events, logging, data historians, web-based applications used to monitor/operate the network.

Intelligent Energy Analysis

X-EMS delivers high-level graphical insights in the form of dashboards, real time trending & graphing. Which gives perfect visualisation of data.

Made for every utility of your plant

Monitoring, controlling and precise tracking of electricity, water supply, steam supply, air system, chemical supply network, gas


Complete Integration from L 0  up to L 4

When we need complete monitoring Starting from sensors data collection to enterprise level integration in one solution X-EMS is perfect.

Advanced Reporting

Numbers of analytical reports in any format with scheduling, auto mailing, reports on demand.

Seamless hardware-software integration

X-EMS unmatched integration with all hardware with ethernet, Modbus TCP, OPC or any other communication protocol.

ERP Integration

X-EMS is capable of two-way communication with existing ERP e.g. SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics.

Safe historical data

Backup & archive module for historical data. Historical trending & dash-boarding.


Get Notification under any alarm condition such as energy used, maximum demand and many more via mail, on SMS, PFC, through Modbus.

Trend Monitoring

Best trending module with features like live/historical trending, multi tag support, trend export, tag grouping etc.

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X-Force Energy Management System

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X-Force Energy Management System

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