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X-Force Historian System

X-Force Historian is used to capture and store high-fidelity industrial big data, to unlock trapped potential for operational improvements. Historian’s ability to handle millions of tags provides plenty of capability to collect and store your vital process data. Monitor a single process or an entire facility. Store data locally and aggregate at the enterprise level, fulfilling the most demanding analysis and reporting requirements. Historian preserve everything from short-term diagnostics to long- term records needed to support regulatory requirements.X-Force Historian is a high performance time series data historian which is scalable up to 1 Lakh tags with performance upto 30k samples/seconds.

Benefits of XHS

  • It is fully functional database with analytics; A solution to capture, store, process, analyse and retrieve the process data in various formats.

  • It is a high-performance process historian, capable of storing huge volumes of data generated from today’s industrial plants.

  • It helps you to store all the Parameters values at single place for long term.

  • Solution comes with an advanced data storage and compression combined with industry-standard query language provides easy, open access to all process, alarm, and event data.

  • It enables faster, more informed decisions while keeping everyone informed on operational performance.

  • Get dashboards and reports like Plant Health, Block Chain, Correlations, Production Stock reports in a single solution. 

  • Reliability - The reliability that the system gives the right result at client side. Measurements obtained from the retrieval of 100000 Tags data during testing. Minimum level requires to avoid failure is 99%.

  • Availability - The availability of the system is 24 * 7 hours.

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Gain the Power of Insights From Your

Historian Data


Connectivity And Integrations​

Supports various live protocols such as OPC-DA, OPC-HDA, OPC-UA, File based, SQL DB, XML/Falt file and many more.


Report module of the historian allows user to generate analytical reports. User can schedule email notification for the reports. Plant's LSL, USL, LCL and UCL can be configured in audit report. Plant Health Status and correlations reports can also be generated in excel formation along with automate email facility. 

Trends & Dashboards

Get visual representation of key performance indicator with powerful and user friendly Trends & Dashboard. Comes with drag and drop facility to customize the dashboard as per your requirements. Get real time updates of the ongoing processes in your plants

Visual Representation Options

Choose the format of graphs such as bar graphs, pie charts, sparklines etc. to reflect data analysis result.

Multiple Tag Support

Supports three types of tags such as analog, discrete and string that come with various retrieval modes like delta retrieval, cyclic retrieval and best fit retrieval

Ease of Access

Get access of this powerful historian system from anywhere in the plant using intranet LAN and in single touch get access of your entire plant health status parameters in form of excel reports trends and graphical reports.


X-Force OPC Tunneller software use to fetch data from OPC server and transfer to Unite History Node server. In case of network failure between source and historian system, X-Force OPC tunneller has facility to store & forward data.


The data transfer takes place under high security with help of firewall by assigning DMZ protocols .The log-in user have unique client token id, which generates at every new successful login. It also has facility to integrate active directory domain logins.

Know More About

X-Force Historian System

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