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Analytics & Dashboarding 

Processes and Devices generate data in mass amount every day, the data generated are raw and has less value to the plant. Unlock this raw data into knowledgeable asset to make better decision faster for your organisation and add on value to it. X-Studio provides the self-service access to analytical intelligence that helps to make performance improvements across the organisation.

X-Studio Analytics

Drag and drop widgets into the interface, and immediately manipulate your data in a right way. The mobile and desktop program lets you have full autonomy. Share it with your colleagues via server once the Dashboard is ready and start working together​

X-Force Server

Securely share your Dashboards and Widgets through any browser. Dashboards can be embedded in your Scada Application, your intranet or presented through our secured Server.


A Complete Solution to Dashboarding

X-Force Studio is a complete solution for the customizable development and open exchange of interactive industrial Dashboards that has capability of analysing any data of any process or devices running across the organisation

X-Studio Analytics-4.png
X-Studio Analytics-5.png

Dashboard Made Easy and Powerful


  • Send data continuously and let widgets update seamlessly. Example : Connect OPC, AVEVA System Platform and more to Dashboards and get live updates for targeted users.

  • Event-based Dashboard refresh

  • Trigger exports distribute the results

  • Send data to embedded Dashboards to filter from your application’s context

  • Let users click in an embedded Dashboard, and receive the context into an other application


Dashboard and Access management

Dashboards are organized in a folder structure of any depth. Permission to view the Dashboards can be given to specific users or groups.


Design Easily

Seamlessly design with different chart options available and publish Dashboards from within the application.

User management

Concurrent users can easily be organized and grouped.The user creation and management is made easy. Users can also be assigned roles based on different types of access to the users.

Data Export

Dashboards can be exported into an image / PDF /Excel file and emailed according to a flexible schedule Or on complex data change consitions.


Dashboards can refresh by themselves based on a timer.


Future growth effortlessly scaling to your needs. X-Studio is an adaptable to integration with any database such as oracle, SRP, Microsoft SQL and many more.

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X-Studio Analytics & Dashboarding

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