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Success Story: VTTI Fujairah Terminal using X-Force Alarm Information Management System

Updated: May 5, 2021

Industry: Oil & Gas Refinery

Product: X-Force Alarm Information Management System (X-Force AIMS)


  • Limited alarm visualization and storage facilities in ABB Freelance DCS.

  • All alarms and events appear in a burst condition.

  • Fail to recognize day-to-day bad actors in the alarm history records.

  • Lack of analytical or monitoring tool to ascertain the root cause and take corrective actions during abnormal plant conditions.

  • No EEMUA 191 or ANSI/ISA-18.2 implementation procedure to achieve alarm rationalization.


  • Configured X-Force AIMS with ABB Freelance DCS station.

  • Customized reports to display Frequent Alarm, Chatter Alarm, Standing Alarm, etc.

  • Report segregation features allows operators to view only relevant alarm.

  • Advanced reporting tool and KPI dashboard for accurate visualization, with weekly or monthly reports to demonstrate the root cause of every alarm.

  • EEMUA 191 or ANSI/ISA-18.2 global standards compliance.


  • X-Force AIMS enabling VTTI Fujairah Terminal to implement immediate corrective action, thus reducing downtime and risk of losses.

  • SSM InfoTech solutions significantly increase refinery efficiency by leveraging operators' focus on critical alarms.

  • Alarm rationalization as per the international standards.

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